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13 thoughts on “Open Thread – March 10, 2017

  1. SH*T STEW
    Thanks to that scumbag, Harry Reid, the GOP has that "Nuclear Option" at their dispoal. But, it is no secret that McConnell and the like do not want to use it – out of FEAR that he/they will be on the receiving end of the SH*T-TSUNAMI that President Trump has been weathering since his nomination.

    The People need 8 more seats in the Senate to reach 60. Imo, they/we better go for at least TEN seats, if possible. The way see it, w/ the "60", progressive slimeballs like Graham and McCain would more than likely stand alongside the dems in key votes – even if for no other "reason" but spite.

    As for Obamacare: I'll say YET AGAIN that the People…which include the massive all-in-the-bag Trump-base…MUST raise the heat under the GOPers…as well as Trump…to:

    1. Tell the Rs to USE THE NUCLEAR OPTION to get Justice Gorsuch to the USSC

    2. Not to rush through what will become "Trumpcare". I can't help but wonder if perhaps Trump may be simply going for just scratching the Obamacare thing off his list. As it stands right now, the present bill in the HoR is, as Rand Paul put it, "Obamacare-lite". Still very much gov't-run w/ new entitlements attached to it. The term "Mandate" is also still a part of its makeup.

    Plus, the GOP wants to add a defund Planned Parenthood bill to it. Although I am totally on boad w/ that, a repeal bill should be a sand-alone. Period! It's as if McConnell and his GOP-elves WANT to make the passage of any sort of repeal bill that much harder to reach the WH.

    None of this bllsht comes to any surprise to me at all.

    It's also no secret that Trump has been a life-long supporter of "single payer" health care. But, he obviously knows now that no ax reform policies can come to fruition unless the tax policies within O-care are repealed.

    BUT – what about the entitlements that'll still be attached to the next health care bill? What about the SEVERE problems w/ SocSec, Medicare, and SSI? It already CONSUMES at least HALF of our yearly budget (and still soaring upwards day after day as we speak) HOW will we ever COVER it – let alone even get ahead of it?! Mathematically speaking, not even "3%" GDP could ever solve that one!

    Meanwhile the Russkies have subs coming towards us; and the NKoreans are getting ever more brazen and antsy.

    ps: Has anyone noticed how "quiet" Iran is these days? The US of A was a "paradise" – just before Sept 11th, 2001 too.

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