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4 thoughts on “Open Thread – March 15, 2017

  1. The Ryan Plan:

    1. Imo, his supposed "3 step" plan is chickensh*t a best. It will fail within the first step. Krauthammer is right: Put it ALL in – but also include FULL REPEAL! And, in the sam way that ALL the dems stood firm behind the ACA back in 2009 – 2010, ALL the Rs HAVE TO stand behind the full repeal as well. It IS, after all, what the GOPers had run on and had PROMISED since 2009. Is it not?!

    2. Ryan's claim that the proposal would also cut over "$300B" from the Budget in "10 yrs" is also alot of HOOEY! Such long term projections ALWAYS is! Why? Quite simple. The figures are NOT set-in-stone. They fluctuate year after year.

    Plus, the "FY Budget" is written YEARLY! That's what the "Y" in "FY" means! It's never a fixed amount. Besides, using Ryan's long term figures – the "cut" adds up to just over $30B for the FY year it was drafted. Thus, it only adds up merely 1% of the $3 TRILLION overhead. And HALF of that goes to SocSec/SSI and Medicare alone! That does not include all the other social programs and subsidies that the taxpayers are BURDENED w/ year in and year out.

    And the expenses / gov't expansion continues taking us closer to the cliff. But, hey. A BAD plan is still better than none at all. Right?

    (nope) !

      • But that is the narrative they always trot out.

        We have to pass the bill!
        No, they don't. The legislation is garbage, and we are better off without it. The ACA is collapsing and I'd rather go back to what we had before. Nobody was dying in the streets and we all know that coverage isn't the same as treatment.

        I'm not falling for their propaganda points.

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