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9 thoughts on “Evening Open Post – March 18, 2017

  1. The R's in Congress are showing themselves to be Trump's worst enemies.

    I hope he wises up sooner rather than later, it's not like anyone supports the RINO's.

        • I have been trying to post and reply for a loooooong time. I was blocked for one reason, all posts went to moderation.

          • My security software is telling me that I'm logging onto an unsecure site…..

            One wonders if it's those trolls from the NSA….

          • Are there any secure sites left?! Quite a situation in America today. Seems like the left is pushing very hard for violence. Anybody think they consider the push back consequences that will come soon?! Yeah, brain dead.

          • They should be careful what they wish for…..

            once the brain dies, there's no reason to keep the heart alive….

          • cant/won't argue that. I have had a few interesting encounters here. Liberals are like barking dogs or mooslims, until they outnumber you ten to one they are all noise. Good times.

          • Yes, they've got a lot in common with the asslifters…..

            and it's probably why they're importing them here…..

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