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4 thoughts on “Open Thread – April 14, 2017


    First, President Trump lets our military flex our muscle w/ a measured airstrike at a Syrian airbase. Just days later, Asaad has his warplanes flying from that very area once again.

    Since then, while DT orders a carrieer group head towards the NK coast, China deploys 150,000 soldiers at the NK border. Trump had announced that the US would respond IF NKorea goes on w/ their next nuke test. And, once again, the President allowed our military show its strength by setting off the US's most powerful non nuclear bimb in some caves used by ISIS – to go between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Certainly an message to the NK lunatic-dictator.

    The question is what happens if NK defies both the USA and their puppetmaster China and goes forward w/ the nuke test? NK's ICBMs might not be launch-ready to nuke our cities successfully . . .YET . . .but they could hit SKorea and perhaps Japan as well.

    Is this the new "Missil Crisis"? Bear in mind that at least Kruschev was not INSANE – where nukes were concerned. the tyrant-king of NK seems to be driven by arrogance, infamy and pre emminence. While the Iran leadership is motivated by their Islamic faith.

    Have a safe Good Friday.

    (I wonder if more judeochristians will get slaughtered over this holiest of Holidays)

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