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41 thoughts on “Open Thread – May 12, 2017

  1. Quilted Or Not Quilted?

    It doesn't matter either way. Whichever DT chooses to wipe the media and its faithful flunkies…the Democrat Party…would even scream "IMPEACH HIM!!!" for that for causing pollution.

    When it was reported that Senator Mike Lee is suggesting Merrick Garland to replace James Comey – I thought o myself "BRILLIANT!"! If anyone would really want to take on this hairbrained "investigation" that there was collusion between DT and Putin to rig the elections – it's the rabid left's idol: Merrick Garland!

    BUT… I doubt Garland would even accept the nom, if it were offered. Why? Well, lets see…

    1. Garland might not want to work within DT's administration.

    2. The Ds would criticize DT for wanting to take Garland's chances of being nominated for the SCOTUS the next go around. (As if they ever actually needed a VALID reason to B*TCH!)

    3. This is the one that hits home for me: W/ Garland as FBI director heading the wild-Russian-goos-chase…he'd then find exactly what the Obama admn and the liberal media discovered this past year or so – which is NOTHING! And the conclusions would come from one of THEIR OWN!

    One thing's for sure (imo), if a Romney, a Jeb, or even perhaps Pence had been the potus ) seriously doubt that any of them would've had the balls to fire Comey. And, the way he was behaving when Trump became potus, Comey probably thought that DT didn't have the balls to fire him either! We here ALL know that the angry, frustratd and vindictive fossil of a senator, John McCain, wouldn't have fired James Comey either.

    > But I do wonder (worry about) WHO Trump's next SCOTUS nominee will be.

    Btw: the talk is Comey 24/7. No one's covering NKorea; let aloe Iran! Not good!


    • No one is covering a lot of important issues. The DNC controlled media has lost site that they are here to inform us, and keep us up to date. The political arm of the DNC has morphed into the DNC propaganda mill – which is bad enough. But to ignore their core function while doing so is malpractice.

      • Actually, one shouldn't believe that the DNC "controls" the media – as their pf the very same faction. In all actuality, the DNC has had "controls" (manipulation; itimidation) over the GOP for several ecades now. Yet, if one really looks at it – it is the media / press that sets the talking points, as well as the direction, of the DNC on any given day. FACT is that, w/out the media, the Democrat Party agenda or ideology…which is aka liberal; or pro socialist / communist; or globalist / progressive…would have DIED a century ago – as it took that long for the socialist ideological mindset to become ingrained into the very psyche of the udeo-christian inspired American culture.

        America is in a bad way; and by its own doing.

        • When the GOP has the presidency and both parties, they never press their advantage…..

          They just act as place holders for the next Democrat administration….

          • It does make one wonder…..

            Are they just the right wing of the same carrion eater?

          • One would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to come to any other conclusion….

            BTW, I appreciate your observations….

          • In those emails it revealed that when Hillary had an interview by the NYTimes they submitted it to her campaign for approval before running the story. Her people demanded changes, and the changes were made with no quibbling, then the interview ran. That was one example. Another was that they sent out talking points to the media and explained how to cover issues. The media all complied. There was a bunch more in those emails, but deciding who leads who is just semantics since they work as one.

          • That's true. The NYT did…DOES…kowtow to ALL dems – especially towards their "royal" families ( the Obamas and the Clintons…especially wild Bill. Hillary has ridden on his coattaislfrom the moment Billy entered politics).

            Imo, the collusion you presented was basic Alinsky tactics: "The ends justify the means". To "win" at all costs. Even if it means their ratings, or their circulation, take HUGE hits! Those emails tells me that…although the entire alphabet media including CNN and the press…are all apart of the liberal agenda…each outlet and network want to be the favored one above the others. It's still about being first; to "scoop" the rest. But these are NOT the "Watchdogs" that Ben Franklin had evisioned – let alone eer intended. That's for sure.

  2. This is not the kind of Government that I expected to have. The swamp is getting bigger…………………Our destiny is flawed.
    Republicans no longer know what they are standing for. I enjoy my Independent status.

          • They aren't acting like opposition.

            We need to take names and destroy their power. It's the only hope, they are even working against the Article 5 Convention to states since they like being institutionalized in power.

          • As long as the Republicans keep acting like pussies, They may get my vote, but they'll never get another penny of my hard earned money….

          • I quit a long time ago, individual candidates maybe, but not the party.

            They don't speak for me, don't protect me or my rights and stab me in the back at every opportunity.

            We need a real party with real values to replace the deadwood. But until then, they are a place to vote against the open marxists.

            When they fixed obamacare instead of repealing it? That was just one more bridge too far.

          • When they keep electing assholes, like McCain, I don't have much hope for improvement….

            The pathetic wussbags can't even unite under their Republican president….

          • Do you realize how much it cost McCain to buy his election?

            He destroys any primary challenge and, thankfully he's getting rather old.

          • Where did I say that I'm starting a new party? Are you a fake news supporter?
            Independents do have voices, Trump would not have won without them.

          • Like always, sideways slipping and sliding around.

            Independents have no way to have a voice, Trump won because they voted against Hillary but if you voted for Trump then you voted for an R, even if it's one that is hated by the RINO's. If you had a candidate you liked, you would have no way of putting them into office.

    • You are part of the problem, your talking points are flawed.

      RINO's know what they want, it just isn't what the party based demands.
      If you attack the R's you leave the D's stronger, that's the stupid idiot thinking of Zebrano.

      We need to take our party back, or start a third party that would replace the R/Whig traitors. But to leave a vacuum is ludicrous.

          • You could try by finding his profile on intense debate.

            Oh, it's gone, he was much like you and never could keep a sane thought in his head.

            Why don't you go surrender to Patriothere on another site? Oh that's right he knows you're nothing to bother with, since you're much like the cheese eating surrender monkeys. Is there any party, any candidate, any issue that you won't surrender on?

          • Patriothere does not bother me, I ignore him and will do the same with you.
            I enjoy my Independent status. You are not worth debating anything, you derail every comment.

          • You are powerless, and pretend that voting against someone is the same as getting the candidate of your choice on the ballot.

            You ignore a lot of things, I don't.
            The fact that an islamist troll finds you non threatening ought to be a warning to everyone here of just what sort of person you are.

    • "Republicans no longer know what they are standing for"

      Yes they do. They "stand for" their own best interests (money, power, access)

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