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13 thoughts on “Open Thread – May 14, 2017

    • Patience, Grasshopper……

      It took several years to get into this mess, and there's no quick fix….

      • Deus, this is someone that would have been happy and part of the gang over at the growl.

        All complaints, no suggestions of solutions and no understanding of self defense needs and organizing to actually get candidates into office.

          • Then we'll have to agree to disagree.

            I've been through this before, a new person shows up just in time to back the trolls like patriot here and then drops silent when the site falls for it?

            What has he said that actually supports conservative values? Go back over his 125 comments, he's Rpaulian at best. But he backs spamming by the left and never has a problem when they do it.

          • I'm fine with agreeing to disagree, as I've found that people that say they agree with me all of the time are lying some of the time…

          • When they use the right talking points but can't seem to point out anything in the Constitution that they will defend, that's a warning sign.

            When they attack all the R's but never offer a path to victory on anything, that's a warning sign.

            When they attack me for disagreeing with trolls, that' s bigger warning sign.

          • You, of all people, are aware of my history with trolls…..

            They do not get the benefit of a doubt from me. However, I'll reserve judgment on people with an opinion that I don't agree with….

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