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4 thoughts on “Evening Open Post – May 15, 2017

  1. Here we go again, more fake news, Trump shared sensitive security knowledge with the Russians.
    The left wants him to fail and wants him out. Good luck……………..

    • Here we go again, the insiders Obama left behind are causing problems with the help from RINO's.

      Did these sorts of leaks happen to Obama? Nope.

      And I don't see you even considering that what he told the Russians was enough to stop bigger problems on the ground in Syria. Why all the malcontent and angst but never at the right issues?

    • Trump does not need to be controlled by the media, he believed to do the right thing whatever he shared with the Russians on fighting a common enemy.

      • Trump is denying that anything was disclosed.

        The Washington Media was wrong about other things, and this will make other intelligence sources hesitate to give us anything in the future.

        There is a bigger issue here, Trump is the CIC, he gets to decide what intelligence needs to be shared. It's his job, and his discretion.

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