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13 thoughts on “Open Thread – May 15, 2017

  1. If you recall, back on the campaign trail, Trump said where it concerns our military strategies and tactics – that he would NOT disclose any of it untill after it had been executed. It was a legitimte criticism of John Kerry and the rest of the Obama admn.

    This morning, as soon as I turned on the radio, I've been hearing how the rabidly vicious liberal media is calling for the recordings of the conversation between Trump and Comey just prior to Trump firing the former FBI director.

    It was what Trump had said to Lester Holt during his most recent interview; and it was a huge mistake. This is classic Trump-arrogance wanting to show the world just how clever he is. But all he's doing is continuing to cut his own nose to spite shis face. DT really needs to apply the same strategy he's using for our military: reveal NOTHING! Say NOTHING!

    It's been reported that more changes are coming from within the admn. Imo, Sean Spicer should be replaced by Sarah Huckabee; and I'm thinking that perhaps HR McMaster should also be replaced as well. Roght off the bat flags went up when CNN raved over having picked McMaster as DT's NSA. A Condee Rice-type would send a big message.

    The DC-GOP gang continues to even defy their own campaign promises that go back to 2010. Talk about arrogance and cutting THEIR OWN noses! Unlike w/ the dems, these DO NOT circle the wagons. Instead they scatter like cockroaches when a light is turned on!

    It is very obvious now that the DC-GOPers NEVER had any genuine intention to repeal Obamacare. W/ out that, or SocSec reform, genuine tax reform can never come to fruition. If "pre-existing" is the EXCUSE – then lets call their bluff! Place that very small number (approx 4-6% of the population) on Medicare or SSI for treatment and care. But the other 94-96% should be LEFT ALONE to choose THEIR OWN plans from the FREE MARKET! Problem solved.

    But, I guess that's just me!


      • Roger, it's one thing to defend one's policies. Just be consistent. But don't just react to every damned criticism that comes up. Stay above it. And DON'T vocalize every damned thing that pops up in your mind either!

        Less is more.

        The problem is that DT is still thinking like a CEO instead of as the POTUS. He hasn't learned that the presidency isn't a mere person – but an institution.

          • I understand. Trump understands but has people like you advising him that want him to fail. You don't have a clue what you're talking about do you? It's all two faced double talk with you.

            Bush never defended himself and left with a miserable approval rating. Why do you want R's to lose, have bad approval numbers and never badmouth the D's? That's the problem with you, you can't come out and say exactly what you think since you know you'll get laughed off the conservative sites so you want to use an insidious tactic and use sly innuendos to insult the people that are working against your agenda.

            I understand you, and don't think you're fooling anyone.

        • I will explain my position every single stinking time.

          If you like to lose and be above the fray you're falling for the RINO approach Do the progressives ever consider 'less is more'?

        • If less is more, why do you post the exact same thing on multiple sites Luis?

          Why not be more 'moderate' and find the smallest one, and post there quietly hoping nobody will notice what you say?

  2. Graham needs to find a girlfriend and stop criticizing Trumps every so called faux pas.
    Is he gay by any chance?

    • Graham doesn't have a girlfriend, he has John McCain.

      So, you want to rip on D's and the way Obama needed a body man like Reggie Love, or is that off limits for you?

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