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36 thoughts on “Open Thread – May 16, 2017

  1. IMO:

    DT should NOT have met w/ the Russians…our enemy…ALONE in the first place.

    At the very least GB and perhaps the Aussies…our ALLIES…should have been there as well – as the ISIS situation affects them as well all the other nations involved in the fight as well.

    The report of his boasting of how great our intel is does fit his character; and I'm sick of it already! Meeting ALONE w/ the Russkies as he did…while the entire liberal media are searching for POLYPS…was a monumentally bad move. He's going to bury himself this way! Russia is NOT a damned friend in any way, shape or form! They don't need Trump's help w/ ISIS! And Putin has been reported to have told to back off the NorKs to boot! Putin isn't worried about them as Russia isn't a target. And it doesn't seem that China intends to directly resolve this major problem. Ki Jumg un continues to defy…DARE…Trump w/ every missile test – which is now flying HIGHER and FARTHER!

    Meanwhile, the only concern the media has is finding ANYTHING…even if it's a LIE…t impeach President Trump! And I am worried about two scenarios:

    1. DT's behavior may give the Left the arsenal they've been looking for for an impeachment; or

    2. The pressure from the Left may cause Trump to take extreme measures against the NorKs – just to show his "bravado". He is a reactionary sort, and an boastful one, after all. I wonder WHEN the timeclock will begin.


  2. This was not an International meeting, this was a one on one meeting with the Russians. Do you believe we can trust all our allies?
    Trump showed his Independence and free to discuss whatever was necessary to fight a common enemy.
    I have no problem with it. May be it is time to have somebody in charge showing some Independence and some "bravado".
    I want a President with some balls. Screw the media………….

        • Nobody wants a war.
          Nobody wanted a war with Hitler, not even Neville Chamberlain. Reagan didn't want war and he was much more successful at avoiding it than Neville Chamberlain too.

          Trump doesn't approach negotiations from a position of weakness. I don't see that as a bad thing. But my comment was about his sentences " this was a one on one meeting with the Russians. Do you believe we can trust all our allies?" He seemed to be saying he considered Russia our ally, and hasn't clarified his comment even when I pointed that out.

          He never does. It's all generalities and he never explains what about our country that he's patriotic about.

          • As a former Cold Warrior, I know who and what we're dealing with……

            I'd think twice about poking the Russian bear with the stick we should be using on the asslifters and their Globalist cronies….

          • If he give wiggle room to the Russians while we target islamists, doesn't that send a signal to them that they have a 'free get out of jail free' card until we somehow put down the radicals?

          • They may not think like you.

            Weakness, or distraction led them to think they could get away with Crimea.

          • If you were dealing with a wussbag with moving red lines, you'd grab all that you could get…..

            Obama let them have Crimea….

          • You want us to surrender on every single front?

            Why do you want to be a cheese eating surrender monkey? You must be Zebrano or channeling his inner 'America must fail at any cost' voice.

  3. "He's continues to give the Dems more rope to hang him…"….

    Yup…and now the NYslimes have an over 2 month old "memo" between Trump and former FBI director James Comey SUPPOSABLY telling Comey to "lay off" w/ the Flynn investigation. A friggin memo! WTF was DT thiking?! The Left is completely out of control.

    How long before the spineless worms aka the elected DC-GOPers start calling for Trump's head on a blue platter. If the DC-GOPers think that the best way to placate the rabid press is for Trump to step down and out of the WH those spineless jellyfish are very much mistaken. The liberal media would be completely galvanized and go even MORE apeshit as they go after Pence and the rest of the GOP led Congress w/ even more rabid froth on their mouths! And I doubt that Pence or the GOP have even the stomach to take those multi levels of monkey-crap-throwing attacks that is sure to come.

    Obamacare alone is the "smoking gun" that proves that the DC-GOP is totally on board w/ the dems – as they have been for decades now.

    This is seriously BAD.


  4. Luis, it looks like that the left and the right are out of control.
    If Trump really tried to stop the Flynn investigation, how will he get out of that? Yes, it is seriously bad and does not look good at all.
    As I said before, Trump still does not comprehend how Government works. Give him some more time, may be he learns from his mistakes.

      • I believe Trump is surrounded with bad advisors and people that have no clue how Government works.
        He needs to clean his own swamp.

        • You want people to think that.
          Could it be he's surrounded by RINO's that want to destroy him and stop the populist agenda that got him elected? And you seem determined to toss as much mud at the wall as possible to see what you can have stick here.

          You are part of the swamp. You know how propaganda works, and how to plant doubts in places where the most loyal Americans discuss these issues. We don't want a President that can play the 'government works like this' game. We wanted an outside so don't pretend that's a bad thing.

          • Someone said we need to mail Ryan a brick to let him know just how much we want the wall.

            You can bury a lot of bricks in a swamp. As much as Ryan deserves 5 tons of blocks in his office blocking his staffers from the coffee machine, it would be a wasted gesture.

          • I'd deliver the brick in person….

            and with the off chance that it would knock some sense in him….

      • There he goes again. A false premise to put things in the worst possible light.

        The left is out of control, with their media surrogates. The RINO's are marching lockstep along with them. The Right? We cheer Trump and his appointees on. They are getting a lot of things done that the media isn't mentioning. From energy policies, reversing EPA mandates, and tossing a lot of undesirables out of the country. Border crossings are down by 70-80%.

        He is just a few shades removed from the things he wants to push without seeming to.

        And his point about the Flynn investigation?
        Trump was looking into the who leaked the story. Who transcribed phone conversations with private citizens that were exposed instead of protected. He had reasons to postpone wild goose chases, and nobody has ever said what Flynn did that was wrong. He was in the transition team doing his job making contacts. People spin and make generalized claims, but we have no smoking gun on anything being done wrong. It was a mistake for Trump to fire him. Now there is blood in the water.

        And people like blow jump on the bandwagon since he's here as a plant to put questions in our minds about Trump and to cause divisions amongst real patriots.

        • I've got no question about Trump….

          As far as I'm concerned, he's doing the best that he can, considerting the traitors in his camp….

          • It wasn't Trump's camp that leaked Flynns name. It was during the tenure of Susan Rice. He has issues with long time staffers that are probably protected by civil servant unions, the way everyone screamed about Comey's firing and then leaking what his conversation with Russia over Syria shows that Trump needs to seal the leaks and needs to do it now.

          • Yeah, right now….

            and everyone on his staff needs to be put on notice….

          • Those traitors are in his own party….

            You know, the ones that were preparing to work with a Clinton administration….

  5. We could not win 100% in the Korean war, I doubt we could win this time, if we do, it will be at a very high cost.

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