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19 thoughts on “Open Thread – May 17, 2017

  1. Trump is losing it……………Does he realize what he is doing?
    Trump to unveil plans for an ‘Arab NATO’ in Saudi Arabia https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/josh-rogin/wp
    Is that new Arab (Islamic) NATO going to wage war against the West and Israel some future day?
    I repeat what I said yesterday, the Saudis are not our friends, they cannot be trusted in anything…………

    • Still here to badmouth the President?
      He knows what he's doing and I know what you're doing.
      You couldn't care less what Trump does as long as you can go to sites that support his populist thinking and backstab and plant doubts. You haven't said a word about the RINO's stopping his agenda. You haven't said a word about how Trump being stonewalled is harming the country.

      Dont' think you're fooling anyone.

        • Deusexmachina,
          I think I'm in the wrong place to discuss my opinions, being attacked at every turn by Roger.

          • Then explain your opinions so they make sense in a way that doesn't sound like a forked tongued liberal hiding his real loyalties.

          • You're in the right place….

            However, it would be wise to find common ground before you deal with the differences….

          • "Am I a cheese eating monkey?".
            I do not compromise on any issue. I stand my ground, I do not need to be compared to others.
            I am an Independent thinker.
            It was nice being here………………

          • He might become a gatecloser like on so many other sites. He just drives good folks away.
            Keep up sharing your thoughts and keep up the good fight, I'll miss you too.
            Roger likes to troll anyone he does not like, finds fault with every comment he comes across just for the hell of it.
            He just does not know how to debate an issue without attacking in a disrespectful way. Name calling is his agenda.
            So long…………..

          • Some things that the Founding Fathers fought and died for.

            That the current pathetic RINO's don't care about. I know how to debate issues, it's the issues I care about. That drives them nuts.

            BTW, Roger Ailes died. The people that drove him out of Fox News are probably dancing.

          • I totally agree with your observation….

            and, yes, I was informed of his demise….

          • Are you crying about it?
            You think we can't win in N Korea, you think all sorts of things.
            One thing you don't think is that America is wonderful, that we have a President that loves us and that our men in uniform can kick the backside of anyone in the world.

            That puts you with the mentality of the cheese eating surrender monkeys.

        • They just expelled a second round of somalians.
          Trump knows it and is acting on it. I bet the DNC controlled media is mad that an Obama judge couldn't block it in time.

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