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One thought on “Trump to meet four candidates for FBI director: Spicer

  1. There was a link on Drudge that has me steaming.

    It's only Bloomberg so it's not like anyone reads them and takes them seriously. But they are speaking for the DNC controlled media.

    "McConnell shows independence on taxes, budget, infrastructure"
    Right under the title is that line. McConnell is not showing 'independence' but is showing tone deafness. Doesn't he realize that the voters hated him and all the establishment candidates to pick Trump over 18 other acceptable candidates? I'd be hard pressed to be polite if I met Mitch.

    But that wasn't what had me angry. The first paragraph sets the tone.
    "Republicans in Congress are increasingly dispirited over the chaos surrounding Donald Trump, with several saying the nonstop revelations are imperiling their legislative agenda…"

    We elected Trump because of HIS agenda, and the congressmen that complain to the marxist media are the ones causing the chaos by tossing him to the wolves. They cause the chaos, blame it elsewhere and expect us not to notice. Trump has a bully pulpit and needs to start holding rallies in every district that stabs him in the back so he can introduce a primary challenger to the incumbent that won't listen to the people they think they should rule over. I don't want to be governed, I want to represented! And Trump got that with his populist talking points. Not Mitch!

    No wonder people are turning off their papers and TV's if this is the tripe they think will fool people.

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