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3 thoughts on “Open Thread – December 3, 2017

  1. Intense debate is dead. It may not realize it's dead yet but it is.
    It is the victim of liberalism, failed marxists that find the actual discussion of anything a threat and poison any debate that happens.

    I posted my 250,000 comment and it was wasted on a progressive pile of dog feces that only shows up to smell up any room that has adults.

    • If you are referring to the demise of this site, Roger, I don't believe it is the victim of liberalism. This site was active for a very long time when there was actual debate involved. I believe people left this site because opposing views were met with sarcasm and name calling rather that actual debate of facts. For me it was presenting of shortcoming of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. When citing actual facts and links that were negative in regards to Trump, it was met with refusal to even read articles and name calling by long time posters on this site. I don't recognize that behavior as debate.

      I am a conservative and commented on this site for years because I was a conservative. I left this site because debate was dead.

      • No I was referring to the platform 'Intense debate' and the sites that use it.

        Patriots are independent thinkers, getting a bunch together to talk about something is like herding cats with a sprinkler going. The founding fathers had the same issues since some couldn't stand each other. The commonalities are the most important thing, it's hard to remember that over long periods of time.

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