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One thought on “Evening Open Post – January 13, 2018

  1. Intense debate has a long history, Andrew Breitbart used it in the beginning.

    But from no place sprang internet hacks strangely enough. Some with loyalties to Iranian interest like this troll: https://www.intensedebate.com/people/patriothere

    He was arguing for marrying goats. Of course the other trolls rallied and tried to spin that. Some wanted to push for same sex marriage in the military, others were just insulting and deranged in general.

    But they all had one goal in common. To split up patriots and to keep them from debating traditional values.

    They had nothing to lay out, nothing to advocate for. Everything they have ends badly. But they aren't smart enough to realize if they were to actually succeed they would need to make their culture successful. Alinsky missed that part too. So, they destroy and tear down with no grasp that they are causing their own demise along with everyone else's.

    Now, I've caught one, and his fake background. I am amazed that the swamp would arrange an entire background story to give such an idiot cover just in case he was dragged into court for his defamatory comments.

    They scurry around in the shadows, and pretend they have more enlightenment. They don't.

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