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6 thoughts on “Open Thread – February 4, 2018

    • Good morning!

      I think that Chrysler really took a chance using MLK in their spot, I bet Black Lives matters is up in arms about that!
      It spoke of service. When minorities are shown it's about service and not being served? It has to be a burr under their saddle.

    • Well la-deee-dah, you just showz up every 2½ years whether you need to or knot, doncha ?? Good gravy maybe you can keep that kween ROGER off my [very attractive] tail on account no one will talk at hiz icky self and he follers me around like my phrend's bull Lou in heat !! And NOOOOO this ROGER stalker is not HOT !!

      • Joe why are you trying to sound like an inbred cajun?

        You really do need professional help you know. SBJ pulled his comments and profile, so you are a bunch of cowards.

        • Inbred ??? Enuf about you mama !! Stop following me I was not even talking to you !! Nobodyz talks at you becuz you are a kreeeep !! Now run along, you heard me you shooooooo and stop pestering me right this instant !! >.<

          • I see you still have nothing to debate or discuss.
            When you attack everyone more decent than you, you realize what you want? Another Venezuela.

            You of course realize you're scum, and have nothing to contribute. By struggling to equalize that by driving away anyone better than that you want the lowest common denominator setting the standard, scum like yourself. While that may drive folks away, it doesn't win you anything. Ask HIllary how that works. She's still fat and angry.

            Voters are repelled by you, and vote against everything you stand for. In your own way, you are doing more for conservative candidates than anyone else. You are the example of why liberal policies need to be completely defeated.

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