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      • I jetted away on holiday for a week and lukit you, you sad sad sadz sack. Ain't NOOO buddy said one single swallowtary word at you I am your last visit-ress. I am now your bestest bestie less U B all alone. Why don't NOOO buddy likee like you boo hoo hoo ?? And why the double-dog dickens do you want that nice Markg55 man to pound you ?? That soundz knot-eee, ICKY-POO !! I betcha he don't wantcha backs. Theeeenk 'bout it !!

        • Joe, did you learn to mock the cajun slang while Shawn lived in Lo?

          And why is it that a coward yellow scum troll that can't even have a real profile pretends to speak for anyone else?

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