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2 thoughts on “Open Thread – March 12, 2018

  1. Over a century now the Democrat Party had fundamentally transformed its ideology towards socialism / communism. When those titles became toxic they labeled themselves Liberal and progressive.

    In that time American democrats had incorporated the philosophies of the father of communism Karl Marx; the radical teachings of Saul Alinsky; and totally accepting the views of eugenisist and anti semite Margaret Sanger.

    With the election of Barack Insane Obama, 21st century liberals completely came out of the communist/progressive closet. Proudly idolizing brutal and bloodthirsty dictators like Mao Tse Tung and Fidel Castro. Across the country college students and Hollywood celebs were sporting shirts w/ the image of Castro's ruthless henchman Che Guevara.

    Today there's a new twist. Under Obama, Iran received billions of $$$ in untraceable cash. Hillary Clinton had sung the praises of the anti American / anti Israel and anti judeo / christian news source Al Jazeera. Terrorist member of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, had assisted sharia Islamists to send a flotilla which attacked Israeelis at a security ccheck point. And recently, members of ultra liberal groups like N.O.W. had openly showed their support to Louis Farrakhan's Nation Of Islam. Applauding his clearly elaborate anti-Semitic views. It may as well've been a neo-Nazi or a KKK rally.

    As of late, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the one whom Barack Obama had assured that he'd have "more flexible" to accomodate after he's elected to his second term, and just like Obama, deeply despises Israel and its people, had stated that it was the Jews and or the Ukrainians that were behind the 2016 election results. "The Jews", huh. Farrakhan and Putin. Ebony and ivory. And they are playing the very sympathizing democrat-machine like keys on a piano. Stupid.

    Luis .

    • They were the socialist overlords of slaves before the civil war. They still want the job, but due to changes in society they have to be more subtle about it. Now? Subtlety is out the window.

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