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4 thoughts on “Open Thread – April 6, 2018


    Kennedy clan patriarch, Joe Kennedy, was the original ruthless Irish gangster during Prohibition.

    Ted Kennedy was raised a spoiled scumbag he became as an adult. Typical liberal as he was, he played the victim-card; and the Massachusetts democrats ate it up and carried him on their shoulders as a hero.

    It was his drunken-@ss that shoulda drowned back then and not Mary Jo Kopechne. America wpuld've been much better off.


      • Yew are just the cutest old droopy drawers thang, wanderin to and fro hoping sum one will yak at yew and I be the only one !!!!! To be candid and not meanin to hurtz yer little feelers but I don't think folks like yew so much, comprende ? From wut I hear tell, itz onaccounta wut you did. Cain't deny that, them's the FACTS ma'am.

        • What's wrong Joe? You're just upset that I posted a relevant comment on a topic of current interest.

          You really can't stand smarter people having intelligent discussions can you? You know why? Alinsky realized he had nothing to offer and just wanted to destroy those that did.

          And you're a really lame copy of his failed ideas.
          It hasn't gotten you many elections has it?

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