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6 thoughts on “Open Thread – April 10, 2018


    I'm sure you all know that Israeli IDF recently BOMBED the living crap out of the Iranian air base in Syria.

    Sissies and crooks, like Obama and Hillary, would've NEVER taken such actions. First of all they were too busy providing our deadliest enemies w/ gobs of cash to continue arming Hamas, hezbollah, and any other bloodthirsty Islamist that seek to murder jews and christians. Second, Obama and Hillary were also too busy robbing the nation blind.

    So, to hell w/ John seabiscuit Kerry's wrorthless and meainngess "red line". Israel doesn't fk around!

      • Hun bun y'all 'member I was tellin' yew gently that peeple just don't like yew ?? He's one a dem, the Luis fella don't like yew. Are yew wantin' him 2 be yer boyfrand or sumthin ?? I don't think this would be the place for that. And plus on that, it's creeeeperz !!

          • Still tryin for my 'tention ?? I guess y'all noticed Luis din't say nuthin to ya. Itz yew, fella, pplz just don't like yew. Thars prolly sum one out there for y'all that ain't related by blood but at yer age and looks it's slim pickens. Yew wanna see sum Slim Pickens ??
            Okey dokey artichokey. https://bit.ly/2JGB1hj

          • Still spamming with nothing to say?

            That means you're the one desperate for attention Joe.

            Joe, you need professional help. And a better ideology, Alinsky tactics only make you look like a sorry sad sack of manure.

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