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4 thoughts on “Open Thread – May 7, 2018

  1. The tax cuts weren't all that great, other than business cuts.

    They did so much more damage by ignoring the wall, ignoring the repeal of the ACA…

    They don't deserve to be re-elected and they know it.

  2. Can’t Paul Ryan gtf out now?
    This fool always talks the good game but rarely
    comes thru with actions supporting the Trump (our) agenda…

    With any luck, the next Speaker won’t be a swamp dweller/supporter…
    Ryan hasn’t been much better than crybaby Boehner…. sad…

    • He's worse. Boehner at least had the good sense to act ashamed when he golfed with Obama and caved on things.
      Ryan? He pretends he's doing us a favor by spending, on all the things necessary to support the Democrat agenda.

      And has he apologized to the people he screwed over for doing it? Nope, he's just sorry he can't get elected again. That's the only reason he's retiring.

      • Boehner…Ryan…. Pelosi…. All swamp dwellers that need to stop wasting our oxygen…
        You're correct, Ryan could be the worst, as he smiles when he's stabbing you in the back…

        Reps (rinos) like him have extended o-care beyond its expiration date….

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