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12 thoughts on “Open Thread – May 8, 2018

  1. Look for Iran to soon get the Syrian Tomahawk treatment should they continue their support of terrorism, double dealing on nuclear weapons programs, and constantly screaming "death to America and Israel"….

    How could any American President (obumbler) enter into a deal with the Nazi-like Mullahs and not get serious, verifiable concessions from them before delivering $150 billion in cash (reportedly)…?

    • Obama didn't want us to win. He wanted his islamist friends to win.

      I'm working on a joke. Something about 'How many Iranians does it take to change a Syrian light bulb? They don't know, Israel doesn't let them last long enough to find out.'

  2. The joke needs work but the real question is when will the current Iranian regime end??
    Well, there seems to be no end time those Nazi pricks…(minor drum roll)…

    I wonder how many Tomahawks we have in stock…??

    • I spoke to someone from Iran. He said that the regime has been picking off anyone with spine, so that there is no leadership outside of the regime. Remember how they shot that college girl Neda in the Green revolution there? She was willing to speak up in the crowd so they eliminated her.

      He said it's worse than people realize, there are folks going hungry and factories and government offices not getting paid and if you quit? There could be a knock on the door.

      • That is why their military sites and parliament building will get the needed Tomahawk treatment…..
        These Nazis will get death FROM America….
        They seem to be unable to read the paperwork obvious handwriting on the wailing wall…

        • Make no mistake, HPD. This Iranian regime you refer to as "Nazis" are ISLAMISTS. And their tactics are not much different than those involved w/ the Mueller anal probe. The only difference being that the Mueller colon-dwellers hide behind a FAKE badge.

          • They could be called Islamist Nazis, based on their support for the Nazi regime during WW2….
            Their basic ideologies are corrupt and violent to the core and not very open minded and respectful of differing points of view..

          • As for WW2. The Vatican had given sHitler their blessing too. Just sayin. The future, imo, will be about a power struggle between two entities. One being the globalists which consist of the mix between communism and naziism/fascism) vs the Islamist theocracy (or caliphate). Either way it adds up to TOTALITARIANISM and the complete downfall of mankind.

            That's what religion and/ or politics…w/ out God…looks like.

  3. "as long as there is a moral America…"

    HPD, sorry to tell you, immorality in America is winning. It has been for a long time now. It's what ALWAYS happens when mankind rejects God.

    • Had the HillBilly been elected, I might agree with you.
      But with the Trumpster elected, I personally see hope for a resurgence of God, religion, and morality in general….Stormy Daniels notwithstanding….

      • I have to agree to his point. There are pockets of morality, but they are soundly mocked by the majority who reject them.

        And the silent majority might see where it leads, that's our only hope. If the media and elite can disguise the end result long enough, then we'll end up like Venezuela.

        • Between the silent majority and the deplorables, I believe we’ll be ok….
          If we get the blue wave, which I doubt, I will rethink my opinion ….

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