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18 thoughts on “Evening Open Post – May 14, 2018

  1. Will an Iran suffering under further US sanctions (almost a blockade), lead to an
    actual, workable peace agreement in Israel? (much less cash for terrorists)
    It will, in spite of the pathetic, anti-Semitic Euro-trash who do the work of our corrupt
    dhimocrats on the world stage…
    Getting up in their faces (terrorists), works every time…

    • A Jewish state, which acknowledges the Almight (the real Creator God) is a red line no islamic regime can cross.

      Israel better have a lot of bullets, if they plan on surviving.

  2. With the Trump election, Israel known she is supported like never before….
    An embolden Israel may just do our dirty work (necessary) in Iran…
    Those pricks have had it coming for 40 years…

    I’m sure the Israelis have an adequate supply of bullets….

    • Remember everything Obama did to hobble Israel?
      They refused them the munitions they requested, including bunker busting bombs. Then they said that if the IDF was flying towards Iran our planes would defend Iranian airspace.

      Israel had to focus on placing sticky bombs on the scientists cars as they drove to work.

      • Roger, keep in mind that these foam-rabid leftists WILL be a majority again; and they WILL literally finish destroying our very fragile and miseducated and indoctrinated nation. Only a total ignoramus, or a true pro anti-American judeochristian communist, would ever want a socialist government.

        If they think that such a gov't would stand by "their" side they need only look at VENEZUELA. From there they could back track to ALL other communist systems like NKorea; Cuba; the former Soviet Union, etc…

        ALL were/are economic and culture killers. Under a communist regime only ONE class of people have any say: the BILLIONAIRES. And the far left is LOADED w/ them. Their one interest w/ the common people is their VOTE. Until the vote becomes totally unnecessary. The "vote" in a communist country is completely symbolic; an optical illusion.

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