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One thought on “Open Thread – May 17, 2018

  1. Patterns Of Pathological Behavior

    From the moment Barack Insane Obama took the Oath back in 2008 the media had totally come out of the ideological shadows. The "blame America" agenda was officially in full swing. Like an Acco Super Bulldozer, the entire Obama admenstruation and the media began plowing America flat. Along w/ the backing from the EU and the UN operation "redistribution & restitution" appeared wearing a "global warming" (aka "climate change") mask.

    With every Islamist attack the Obama admn and their media attack dogs cried out terms like "compassion" and "love"…NOT for the blood drenched victims – but for the bloodthirsty Islamic terrorists.

    The radical left continue trying to plow w/ their misinformation of the events that occurred in Israel. Hamas has a Charter that specifically call for the death of the jews and the destruction of the sovereign nation of Israel.

    When the Iranian clerics cried out "DEATH TO AMERICA!!!" Obama rewarded them w/ over $150B ($1.5B in untraceable cash). How did tho Iranian theocrats thank the US taxpayers? By chanting "DEATH TO AMERICA!!!" even LOUDER.

    There's no doubt that some of those same $Bs went towards organizing the Palestinian uprise on May 14th, Israel's 70th Anniversary and the p[ening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Yet again, Israel and America to blame. And the Islamists that cry out "DEATH TO AMERICA and ISRAEL" are the "victims".

    Question: If a violent and vicious mob that are threatening to kill you and your family are attempting to force their way into your home – do you let them in; or do you PROTECT and DEFEND your family and property? Of course not. Whomever says otherwise are LIARS and HYPOCRITES (aka the media; liberal professors and celebrities; democratss; socialists; communists; progressives; the EU and the UN). And that last one gave BH Obama a "prize" as an encouragement for him to continue w/ THEIR agenda. Shameful!

    Luis .

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