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5 thoughts on “The Trump Jobs Machine Is Roaring

  1. If this fantastic economic news continues, the predicted Big Blue Wave supposedly
    coming in Nov’18, will be nothing more than another reason to act immature and deranged.
    Who would vote for a party the supports malaise, MS-13, RocketMan, and
    tax increases?
    But then again their opponents (Repubs) never miss a chance to blow a good thing,
    mostly by acting like ununified RINOs..

    • The politicians act as if it's just a choice, they fail to realize free market ideas actually work, something progressive ideas fail at.

  2. The blueprint has always been there…. One need not read Russian, Chinese, or Greek to follow it….

  3. Such a “no brainer”… that’s why progressives have such a problem with Capitalism…
    (They have no functioning gray matter)

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