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5 thoughts on “Congressman Keith Ellison to run for attorney general in Minnesota

  1. This news has the potential to make things better.
    Suppose he resigns from Congress to run, then looses so we can watch him crawl away?

    Unfortunately people that hate the country seem much more determined than those that love it.

    • Ellison must sense his pending loss in congress, should he run again..
      He ain’t exactly Maxine Waters… and his voters cannot be as dumb as her’s..

        • We’re watching the historic summit. Little Rocketman doesn’t
          seem comfortable with the towering Trumpster….
          Quite the contrast in personas…. LRM is kinda stuck between a rock
          and a boulder… But Pres Trump won’t rub it in as long as the nukes
          are dismantled….
          LRM must be blown away as he looks upon the Singapore economic
          miracle, envisioning the same for his backward-ass country…

          Let’s hope LRM is smart enough to dance to Trumps tune..

          • I'm glad the fat guy with the strange haircut is uncomfortable.

            It means he knows he can't control Trump and manipulate him the way he's been doing for the last 3-4 Presidents.

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