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2 thoughts on “Open Thread – June 14, 2018

  1. The NoKos are using a photo of President Trump saluting their general as propaganda. The salute was in bad form for sure .But, unlike when Baraq insane O knowiingly and intentionally bent over and bobbed for the Saudi king's apples, Trump's response was merely naive. He in no way, shape or form, has any respect for any murderous communist regime. Unlike Barry O and the entire democrat regime which is led by their mass media, who dispises the very fabric of our very judeo/christian foundation, our President loves the USA and is proud,of our Founders and the accomplishments by individual Citizens as well as a nation.

    America does come FIRST!

    • Trump has been a little rough around the edges.

      But his love for country, and the realization that we the people 'are' the country? It's refreshing. And the media can't destroy the gratitude of the people in response.

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