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50 thoughts on “Evening Open Post – July 11, 2018

  1. I'm a strong advocate of retroactive abortions for people that have been shown to be a danger to society…..

    I've yet to hear of an embryo that has fit those qualifications…..

  2. Article 3 of the original language and responsibility of the European Alliance reads as follows: "In order more effectively to achieve the objectives of this Treaty, the Parties, separately and jointly, by means of continuous and effective self-help and mutual aid, will maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to resist armed attack."

    "Self help" is the key point that President Trump had made to the members of NATO, and especially to Angela Merkel, w/ his kick-ass speech. It was decades overdue.

    Imo, Merkel's sweetheart deal is worthy of the Clintons, Barack Obama and George Soros. Meanwhile, as frau Merkel enriches herself w/ this Russian deal, Germany's air force is dilapidated. Only FOUR of its 128 (or less than 4%) of its fighter jets are combat ready today. (See: https://www.dw.com/en/only-4-of-germanys-128-euro… )


    LESS THAN 4%?! I'd say that is a huge breach of the NATO Treaty…and OUR National Security…in itself!

    So…grand slam homerun for Trump! Again, it was a long time coming!

    And now the dem/media joins Merkel eating a spread of sour grapes; sauer kraut and lemons w/ their caviar. Enjoy!


      • i think it would be great if you also contributed here.
        I’d like to see this site bloom again… you could help…!

        • Hi Cassandra! Thank you! I think most sites are experiencing a downturn in activity. Yours seems more active than many! Ours has a history of interaction with some other players that was not necessarily pleasant, hence the no drama commitment we have. I do miss the ease of Intense Debate, so perhaps I will pop in periodicallly again!

      • Hi, Jerseygal.
        Thanx for the invite. I checked out the site. When I tried to Sign Up (several times) I couldn't get passed the first step. When I tried to send a description of my problem – it didn't get passed that one either! Oh well.

  3. Frau Merkel seems to be playing Russian roulette (with an automatic) as her side
    dealing with Herr Putin get exposed…
    She is finished whether she pulls the trigger or not…

    • If she lasts that long. Her coalition government is on the verge of collapse, thanks to her suicidal tendencies regarding islamist refugees.
      I'd go so far as to say she's Germany's Obama. Her roots are in East Germany, and she has left her country weakened on so many fronts they will take years, if ever to recover.

          • It’s not IntenseDebate…and nothing like The Growl..
            I told JerseyGirl to just post here… makes sense?

          • I enjoy new perspectives. But the old guy had his own site, too. Not on ID, as well. Instead of saying anything with merit on ID would spam for his own site.

            What was that old guys name? He was so forgettable….

            Anyhow, if JerseyGal wants to join the fray here I wouldn't mind at all.

          • No, John is great. I meant Obenez, or was it Zebranieo? Zebrano, that was it.

            See, this is the problem, it's so much fun mocking the losers we lose sight of the important stuff. Like chanting "Hillary for prison 2020!"

            We could have a Hillary impersonator like Helen Thomas get into one of her ugly pant suits and heavy jackets, then have secret service agents hold a 'van toss' contest to see who should get stuck guarding her.

          • Yes Zebby…! Haven’t thought about that sorry loser in years…
            he banned me from that/his sorry site…
            I never understood banning people… if you don’t like what
            someone sez, either set them straight or ignore them…
            But Zebby was a piece of work, in the Obama mould…but would never admit he was a garden variety libtard…

          • There was an entire string of organized agitators, along the line of Alinsky's rules for radicals.
            Yet even as they drove people away from Intense debate with their inane rants they still kept losing elections.

            For all their anger, bad manners and lack of facts, they still kept losing elections for a simple reason. They didn't have any viable alternative to traditional values, to economic freedoms, to thinking minds and our conclusions.

            They lost, the swamp lost and Trump is doing his best to clean house. Shame Magoo Sessions keeps stopping him.

          • I don’t think mr Magoo Sessions will be around very much longer.
            When he recused himself in the Russian collusion probe, he punched his ticket back to Alabama.
            Trey Goudy sounds logical…

          • Corrected comment:
            Hi Roger. We are NOT ‘from the growl’ but a few of the folks from there are members of our site. . Our site isn’t new, we created it 2/12/2012. (;

          • I posted at the growl and enjoyed doing so. I never expect to agree with anyone 100%.

            But they felt threatened by people that they disagreed with, particularly if they couldn't explain why that other person was wrong.
            I even offered to help them financially when the site was sold at one point, I was shunned. Well, how did that mind set work out for them? It's a shame, they allowed the marxist trolls to influence them more than other patriots.

          • Roger…
            They'll eventually accuse you of being a troll, if you have even a slightly different POV….you know how it goes…
            JerseyGuirl sounds like Suzie over at that other loser site…( the name escapes me now)…I

            I tried to sigh up on TrumpGirl's site, but it wouldn't go thru…

          • I liked Suzie, and agreed with her most of the time.
            I bailed when she praised obamacare because her daughter needed it for covering a surgery. I could have held my nose if she considered it a necessary evil, but she did more than that.

            I wished her well, and think fondly of many people that contributed to her site. i think it was a 912 site.

          • So, do you rate her as a #2 compared to your approach?

            I always found her as classy, sure of herself and open to at least considering most new ideas. She didn't want people who were sleepy sheep bleating along with her on her site. She allowed actual debate.

            All this chatter, and not once did you bring up a single, A SINGLE topic of importance or interest. Why?
            Aren't you capable of it?

        • Cassandra, you are most welcome to join!

          Allow me to explain why I specifically addressed Luis. As I said, there is a history of sorts, and over the years, I’ve looked at many sites, and Luis participated in some of them. A while back, he made a comment on another site, expressing concern and displeasure with the site owner using Google Analytics cookies for tracking website visitors,, as it was openly posted. I don’t think it’s posted anywhere public now, but I’m pretty certain the site continues to collect cookies for the owner’s tracking purposes, as she’s been doing it for years…along with collecting donations from her members.

          While virtually every platform collects or leaves cookies, the difference is that some site owners use that info for their own gains, and others, like ours (and probable yours) just administer their sites and interact with members. Regarding that Google Analytics site, read the following…as posted by my friend and co-owner http://fundamentalrefounding.ning.com/forum/topic

          • Hello JerseyGirl….
            I went over to your site, just to check it out… First off it's very niiiice…(boring, no controversy…everyone seems to agree on, well, everything!!!) …Second, IntenseDebate is NOT your choice to comment… 3rd…if you're attempting to recreate the BIGs, you've failed.

            It may be better to post some of your thoughtful, well written articles here on Navy's site and let everyone who's inclined to read them and maybe comment (on IntenseDebate)

            Good luck, in any case…

          • Hello HiPlainsDrifter,
            Why would I take advice from you? Just askin’ ya know? I don’t know how long you’ve been around, how often you’ve changed your handle, and don’t care. I’ve had the same handle for nearly a decade, and have fun checking me out too…since you spelled my name wrong. In any case, good luck.

          • I just tried to sign up….no luck..wouldn't go thru…I even knew the answer to your "trick" question!
            I don't think I'd be a good fit there anyway (lots of estrogen, (Luis would be perfect there)…as I've only got an ID paper trail since Jan 2011…
            GB used ID, why don't you?

          • She may have things to contribute, but just don't spell her name wrong or offer her advice.

            Wow, I bet she's someone's mother in law.
            Jerseygal, a word of advice that you don't have to take.

            Save the vitriol for your enemies. Not your friends.

          • I didn’t start the snark, Roger. Here is my email. jerseygalnny@yahoo.com If anyone here wishes sign up, please let me know and I’ll contact you when sign-up issues are resolved. I hesitate to attribute it to operator error, but I did just approve a new member.

          • You may or may not want my advice…

            You started the snark. If you don't like my understanding that, I can still sleep at night.

          • Her site is beyond boring and a total echo chamber with articles that, to me, are not relevant…
            But I wish her well…

          • If all the well meaning people would not stop other good meaning people from saying the things that need saying, then the Media and swamp RINOs would be running for the hills.

          • How everything in your new Missouri home, Roger?
            Maybe you can get on the show, Ozark.. Very good btw….something for everyone…!

          • I had no idea how humid it is in Florida and Alabama.
            I wouldn't want to live down here full time, even if I had a fake life history down here.

            No, I'm not stalking anyone. That would be lowering myself to their tactics. But there are a lot of greedy collection agencies in both states. There was an electric bill that Judd had to go collections, handled by the Mobile courts. They have information on him and can follow up on any award I get.

          • I watched his (Sean Jugghead) lame YouTube offering you sent me..
            He is truly pathetic…

          • Yes, but according to records, he does have a note on a house in Alabama, I hope he doesn't rely on the payments for anything.

  4. Well guffaw guffaw even strangers don't wanna have Roger and his sidekick aroundz. That's all sadz and stuff.
    Toodles boi and boi toi. >.<

    • Poor little tranny, are you still proud of what you have hanging between your legs?

      I expected the Alinsky hero type to show up when there was any activity here. What's wrong, still not winning any elections by being morons?

      • Don't waste your breath on this Alinsky idiot/moron, Roger.
        He never sez anything even remotely interesting or topical….just the same personal harassments…

        • Yep and every time good people win an office or election he foams at the mouth.
          But the spittle has slowed, I wonder if the house cleaning in DC has caused them staff shortages for these sites?

  5. I see the to two too 2 re-gifted froot cakes are still being pen palz hoping this dead as a door nail site comes back to life and it won't bois !! Yew and yer ban clownz made shure o'that.

  6. Do you remember the first Occupy wall street protest, when they squatted in that park?
    With the sexual assault victim tent, so that nobody would call the police? I can't remember any rapes happening at a tea party rally.

    Clearly a lack of self control and personal responsibility is a hallmark of the left.

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