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3 thoughts on “Trump in the spotlight as Republican Roby faces Alabama runoff test

    • Wow, a comment about the current events!

      Finally, I was tired of the ongoing admiration society on the open thread.

      Trump was not a traitor, and for the swamp to say his open dialogue was wrong? I remember too much of the cold war when they were demanding Reagan offer more of it. Two faced cretins, as long as America looks bad they'd say anything.

      • I posted this last nite but I guess you missed it with all the JerseyGirl drama,
        snark indeed!…

        President Trump is correct in blaming our homegrown communists (media, academia, deep state) than the crony socialists in Russia for the seemingly endless attacks on his presidency, that was fairly won over the pathetic HillBilly.
        You Leftists, from both parties, really need to grow up and get over the FACT that your lame candidate lost…

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