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3 thoughts on “Manafort trial focus shifts to bank fraud as prosecutors near end of case

    • OOOO MY HOLY GOD IN HEAV'N this guy looks just like yew !! Is he yer kinfolk cuz he has the same name ????? Yew can admit it to meee, thar's no one else 'round these partzzz that'll know. Is it yer son perhaps ?? He's the spittin' image o' you lock and stock and barrels. Yer famous !!!!!

      • Your parents were brothers, weren't they?

        You still can't discuss anything, can you? Alinsky tactics forbid it. Yet, even in an election where 87% of D's and only 44% of R's show up you can't win an election.

        All this, and you have no viable alternative to spineless RINO's.

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