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One thought on “Open Thread – October 26, 2018

  1. "MAGA" Bomber?!

    It sounds to me that the media had likely come up with that one within minutes of theinitial reportings.

    F CHUCKY: Didya see the stickers? WOW! Talk about in the Trump bag!

    L522: Did you see the BELLTS that almost mdurered Steve Scalise? Did you guys label him the Demoecrat-Socialist shooter? What about the OWS or BLM or Antifa mob. Did you label them the "Change We Need" mob? The key diff erence is that all the mobsters mentioned above had actually hurt people.

    F CHUCKY: You sound like a Trump-racist too!

    L522: Oh?! Did you hear the huge APPLAUSE from the entire audience that met w/ President Trump at the Young Black Leaders conference? NO ONE took-a-knee there, huh!

    F CHUCKY: They're not very bright!

    L522: Really? You sound like a "rich, white, racist",,Chucky!

    As for Cesar Sayoc – the law will throw the book at him; without a doubt. As well they should!. Moreso, perhaps, than Bo Bergdahl got despite him having gotten fellow troops killed because of Bergdahl's desertion.

    Hey, Chucky. Did CNN or any of your media colleagues criticize Obama for so prouldy hugging Bo's father? Nope. But then again – Obama bent over for the Saudi king – for which you sang his praises. "MAGA" bomber, huh? Thank kGod no one was even hurt. Can't say the same about Scalise.


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