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2 thoughts on “Open Thread – October 30, 2018

  1. The March Madness

    Linda FAUXsour…I mean Sarsour…the cloaked-head of the radically far left group "The Women's March" is standing "with" the Jewish community following the murders of eleven worshippers at the Tree Of Life Temple in Pittsburg?!

    This is the same woman that had a melt-down [*] over President Trump acknowledging Jerusa;em and moving the US Embassy there. I want to punctuate the FACT that it was President Donald Trump that finally made that historic moment happen. אמן (Amen!)

    FAUXsour standing "with" the Jews is as sincere as either Louis Farrakhan, Valerie Jarrett, Goerge Soros or "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright taking this position. It's a lie. Plain and simple.

    To those that are vocally calling for the POTUS to stay away from the funeral services in Pittsburg, because you all say that his hatred is what caused this, I say you are LIARS and EXPLOITERS desperately seeking political gains.

    To those that have been misguided by the likes of Linda Sarsour and the media I ask: HOW is it that a alleged "jew hater" (President Trump) recognized that Jerusalem is Israe's TRUE capitol and then instantly moved our US Embassy there? HOW did Trump "encourage" that bloodthirsty murderer to kill eleven worshippers at the synogogue when he already had a history of vicious anti-semitic sentiment PRIOR to Trump ever running for Office; and had also posted his deep hatred of President Trump and his "jew loving" family?

    Linda Sarsour is as much a "friend" of Israel as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian clerics are. Don't believe me. Just ash Barack Obama. Another true "friend" of Israel.


    [*] https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/linda-sa

    • One is a friend of Jews in Israel that want to survive.
      The second was a friend of Arabs in Israel that didn't want Jews to survive.

      It's really simple, and Sarsour doesn't seem to want Jews that have the survival instinct to have the sort of friends that help them manage it.

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