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3 thoughts on “Open Thread – November 7, 2018

  1. Where Do We Go From Here…

    As a nation, that is. It comes to no surprise to me that the dems took the House. Lame-quack Speaker, Paul Ryan, really blew it. Now we can totally forget the "Wall". Not that I ever believe that it'd've gotten done anyway. The same can be said about repealing Obamacare. We were lucky to've gotten rid of the individual mandate as that bill had been added into the pile which passed the tax reform bill.

    So, now what? Will the new Democrat House loudly seek to impeach Trump? Hmmm…I dunno. Their gains in the HoR was not that "blue wave" the media had literally cried out for. The nation will be wacthing to see if the Maxine Waters-democrats will continue going batshit-nuts! Does it mean the "immigration reform" that the likes of Nancy Pelosi's been "Dreaming" of? Maybe. Does it mean MORE spending? DEFINITELY! Not that it had ever even slowed down in the first place.

    FLORIDA: Desantis won – thanks totally to DT. Personally, the choice should've been Putnam. He was the favorite here. He beat Gillum by just 1%. Bill Nelson refuses to concede to Rick Scott (Big "surprise", huh). All in all a pretty good night for the Sunshine State; and Texas as well as Francis "don beeto" O'rourke losr w/ a nice margin.

    As for the Senate – Thanks to Mitch McConnell holding his ground w/ getting the nation over the finish line by appointing Bret Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS! Make no mistake, that DID save the GOP there! And although we gained more seats, I have the feeling that Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe may be showing more of their progressive colors by leaning more w/ the new demcrat Speaker (Pelosi?). Why, you ask? The governor's seat in the state of ME went blue.

    It seems that the nation is calling for "bipartisenship" in DC. And that has ALWAYS meant a more liberal / progressive federal government. Imo, the status quo has been saved. Not that it had ever gone away.


  2. FLASH!

    > DT slaps the snot out of Jim Acosta CNN and Peter Alexander NBC news!

    > Jeff Sessions anounced his "resignation". Translation: He wasd FIRED! LOL q;-D

    Ah, the "blue wave" or "tsunami", huh!

    More like a blue FART!

    Crayon maker says they'll be adding a new shade of blue to their line:


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