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2 thoughts on “Open Thread – November 9, 2018

  1. Hillary said that they…the democrats…will not be "civil" until they've got control.

    Hmmm… I've mever known them to ever be civil. If you don't beleive me just look at SDS, The Weather Undgrnround,ELF, Code Pin, the Black Panthers, La Raza, OWS, BLM, and Antifa…etc.

    "If they bring a knife, you bring a gun!" – Barack Obama

    If thy (the right) go down, you KICK THE!M! – Eric Holder

    Where are we right now?

    > Suspicions of real voter fraud in FL. And other recounts across the country.

    > Threats to Tucker – and the media openly say they don't feel the least bit of simpathy for him or his family.

    > The very far left that had strongly expressed their hatred of Jeff Sessions are now protesting his firing and the coming replacement – whomever it may be.

    > That Preorganized "caravan" is getting closer.

    > Now there's the inevitable replacement of far left activist Ruth B Ginsberg. I can go on.

    I'm remembering the 60s. The assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK,jr. The riots of '65 and '68. Plus the murder of Malcolm X: and Louys Farrahkan admitting his ivnolvement. That it wasn't "the whit a men's business".

    I have a bad feeling.


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