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9 thoughts on “Prufrock: Fear and Child Rearing, in Praise of an Irrelevant King Lear, and the Forgotten Art of the Armenian Church

  1. I don't get it.
    Why are these stories posted?

    This is the kind of story that belongs in the New Yorker. Where are the cutting edge political stories to stir up our angst at progressive rot eating at our country and society?

    Is the reason for this story the same one why I can't log in and post with my regular profile? Where is John?

    • Well lookie here, it's you. Lonely old goat tryin to stir up sum interest and ya got no takers as u-shul. Whatsa matter boi ?? In 6 wks not a single frend of yers has bothered to talk at yew. It's a no wonder on account of yer personAILity. Anyhooo, I noz yul be a lone 2morrow becuz sane folks would rather talk at a dead turkey than yew. Oh well and la dee dah and gobble gobble gobble !! >.<

      And by-the-way I din't have no troublez loggin in I guess yer banned so yer cheating with a diffrent acct. Cheaterz nev'r win and winnerz nev'r cheat. ta ta 4 now Mr Lonely.

        • As lonely as yew are I knowed if I dangled a carrot in front of your snout yew'd come a runnin'. Maybe I'll come back and maybe I won't but I'm all yew've got. Yew shure R un-popular. o.0

          • Good golly what duz THAT mean ?? Yer sum kind of daft, every 1 knows and I ain't pullin yer leg !! Oh creepers I wouldn't git a country mile close to your leg and a big icky poo !!

          • Still can't figure out how to sound stupid enough to be a loyal liberal?
            Don't worry, you have it nailed, in a bad tasteless way.

            Why do progressives think they have anything to offer that voters will want? Is that why you depend on stolen elections?

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