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11 thoughts on “Open Thread – November 27, 2018

    • Duz any one think what you gots to say matters ?? I just showed up to dangle a carrot in fronta yer snout & I'm timing how long it gonna take fer yew to answer. Git r dun, boi !! oink oink >.<

      • You showed up because you're stupid enough to back a statist agenda, even knowing it always ends badly every time it's imposed. You can't defend it since it always fails but you can't shut up. So, you follow alinksy tactics since you can't actually debate any serious issue.

        You don't care that your ideology has murdered millions, that makes you worse than a pig. It makes you a useful idiot.

          • You can't show I'm actually wrong.
            You can't show where government control meant more food, more housing, better cars or medicine.

            Yet you aren't smart enough to stop and think…. "I want housing, I want lots of food, I like shoes and if goverment took over the shoe industry shortages would hit within a week. I better think this through and figure out which system can get me more food and housing, and better doctors!"

          • Yew really R nutty as squirrel scat ain't ya?? Why yew gotta make stuff up I ain't no librul yew dummy!! I'm from the proud state of TEXAS I'm a Cruz-r. Yer nuthin but a RINO yer not even a conservative. Big faker !! There, I said it !! Eat yer carrots snout boi.

          • Still can't defend statism, or even explain why you're stupid enough to back a losing system that always fails?

            That makes you the nutty one here. You aren't fooling anyone, you pretend to be cajun. Strange Sean spent time and was registered as a D in La. You mentioned being proud of what you had swinging between your legs once, so as a cross dresser from La you have one agenda. And as a failed propagandist you use Alinsky tactics. Why? You can't defend the core ideas that fail every time their imposed.

            You are a loser, and all the slang and chatter doesn't change that.

          • Since you want to pretend you're the voice of reason, why don't you explain the top three reasons you support Ted Cruz?

            I'll wait.

          • Gud gravie I hope yew been holdin yer breath the last week you shud B dead by now. Amiright ?? >.<

          • I see you still can't defend anything that you stand for.

            Did you ever make up three reasons that you pretended to support Cruz?

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