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One thought on “Why a Judge Ruled Obamacare Unconstitutional, and What Policymakers Should Do Next

  1. The very question shows bias.
    If a liberal judge did this to a Trump program, the left would say it's our responsibility to accept judicial legislation from the bench.
    But no, since it a decent fair judge following the rule of law, he has to be destroyed, wait for it.

    The R's campaigned on repealing the ACA for 8 years and every single time they lied we elected more of them since that's what tax payers want! Not the scum sucking leaches, but the ones that work and stand for hours to get enough hours in so they can pay their taxes. They want their choices back, and the RINO's spit on us and treated us like fools. They deserved to get fired.

    But now, with the opening this judge has forced on the spineless cowards, why not accept the ruling, allow the states that want more government that freedom, and the smart states the ability to do what they want too. If California wants an exchange, let them have it, but allow McDonalds to offer the coverage that they used to, before the fascist pigs nationalized as much of our healthcare as they could grab.

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