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2 thoughts on “Open Thread – December 28, 2018

  1. Seven Days?

    Every talking head on tv starts their "news" update by saying "day seven" where the PARTIAL shutdown is concerned. As I hear this I nod my head and chuckle w/ a bitter taste in my mouth.

    Do they really think we're so stupid? Well, sadly, many out there are. This is how I see it. The so called "shutdown" was official at midnight of Dec 22nd. A WEEKEND. So take away 2 days. Then Monday was the 24th. Chirstmas eve. That day and Christmas Day the govt was closed anyway. So take away 2 more days. That means that there's been a PARTIAL shutdown for only 3 days now.

    And since Sunday is the 30th (payday) federal employees get PAID today – for time already worked of course. Thus, NOTHING shall be ;pst. And those NON ESSENTIALs that aren't working SHALL BE furloughed!

    Just a measly $5B to advance and enhance our national security. Barely .0015% of what's being sent ($3.7T). Yet EVERY democrat say NO! These are the very dems that CHEERED when Barack Insane Obama okayed $150B to go to the Iranian clerics — IN A PLANE OOAD OF CASH!

    Pssst! Have you heard? Iran has tested a missile?

    Oh, and btw, a police officer was MURDERED in California –> by an ILLEGAL ALIEN!

    I don't give a "rat's ass" about this PARTIAL shutdiwn! We NEED TO PROTECT and DEFEND our country; our families; and our homes! PERIOD!


    • If you don't watch the MSM, most folks wouldn't have a clue there is a partial shut down.
      Life is going on, nobody is dying in the streets.

      The open border crowd is overplaying their hand on this.

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